DR. HEMA EDUC AND TRAINING CENTRE was founded in 2010 by Dr. Hema.She began her career as an educator at the age of 18. She considers teaching as a science with training and skills. She has moulded many whom are professionals today. Besides being a teacher, she also graduated from the Stamford College of Further Education in Singapore and Malaysia. She became a sub-trainer to a group of professional trainers during her education tenure. Here she gained invaluable exposure, knowledge, insights and experience in areas of leadership, personnel admiration, training and development. She became apprentice to professional trainers and learnt under the best in the field. She also held designations boasting her skills in training soft skills. This became coherent with her teaching skills. The sky is the limit was Hema’s ideology that had brought her far in life.

Dr. Hema had travelled to broaden her scope of expertise especially in the field of education, training and development in 1990’s as she believes that teaching profession is a lifelong trade. Some of the countries to add to a few to boost her skills of today are Singapore, Australia, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, etc. During her tenure in USA, she acquired training in Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics, a speed reading programme with a speed of 3500 wpm and specialized in training the same. She then joined Times Publishing Group for further 10 years stint acquiring skills in consulting, critical communication skills, early educational & child development, public speaking & presentation skills, self-assertive motivational programmes, and even social awareness educationist to youths.

To pursue a higher degree in education, she furthered her education while in profession and attained her doctorate in English and Special Education from Australia. She accepted offer to teach Public Speaking, Speed Reading and Interpersonal Communication for college and university students. Her journey to her attainment of knowledge, experience and practices had taken her years to a successful threshold in todays’ people development industry. In the 1990’s she had ventured in training with the late Robert Lam (TV3 newscaster celebrity) serving large multinationals organizations and even with Dr. Peter Shepherd of CREDO. (Centre for Research, Education & Development of Organizations), and HRD organization providing training and consulting services.

Today, on her business side after her well served 30 years of experience bestowed a hurdy journey of passing knowledge, seeking knowledge, moulding and correcting is forever with her. She is the founder and owner of DR. HEMA EDUC AND TRAINING CENTRE. Dr. Hema believes in the ancient Chinese proverb that is “a teacher/trainer can only open doors, you must go in yourself”. This centre caters to perfectionist in mastering educational tools, a Master Reader Programme - specializing in English language courses, Cambridge IGCSE English and other integrated subjects, Special Child Programme, Curriculum studies, Speed Reading, Intellectual Stimulation (IQ development, Training and Development. Besides this, she is a writer of academic modules and books under her own in-house publication.